Scissors and secrets




  The main character of the documentary is the artist who lives in St. Petersburg, Jurij Salnikov – who learned his family secret: he believed that he was born in Vladivostok, but once his birthplace and identity changed: he was born beyond the Arctic Circle in Norway. World War II saw 140 children born to Soviet parents imprisoned in Nazi work camps in Norway. 1,400 Soviet women were transported to occupied Norway to work in the fishing industry in the arctic region.

Русское название фильма ”Не рабы рыбы”


Director –LIV MJELDE/Tamara Sushko

Producers – Tamara Sushko/LIV MJELDE

Production Company – Webbon HB,

Genres: Documentary

Date of production: 2016/2017

Country of production: Sweden/Norway

Aspect ratio: 16:9

Running time: 44.00 mins

Original language: English/Russian/Swedish

44 min.


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