Children of Destiny


Very few young people know what they need to do. Jegor and Emma, Two Swedish volunteers to change their lives.   They moved from Sweden to Tanzania to help children, Children of Destiny.

Director Tamara Sushko/Emma Wahlberg

27 min, 2015


Director/Producers – Tamara Souchko

Production Company – Webbon HB

Genres: Documentary Date of production:October 2014

Country of production: Sweden, Aspect ratio: 16:9 Running time: 25 mins

Original language: Russian/Swedish Subtitlies:English, Russian

Original shooting format: HDV Colour / B&W: Colour

Screening format: Quicktime, MP4

Soundmix:  Marsel Lebedev.


Documetary film, winner in Murmansk- Northern Character filmfestival.12371224_1088161657884851_2775730237908221651_o 12370627_1089790914388592_4381497990875658080_o

We at WebbOn are always trying to help, to make world a better place. So besides of our usual job we are working with projects which we believe will make a difference. May 2013 me and my girlfriend went to Tanzania with a plan to stay there in 6 months and try to help an orphanage with all our knowledge and skills.

We made contact with through another Swedish organisation “Tanzania Projektet” which is made out of good people who introduced us to Margaret Mponda. She is a founder of an orphanage called “Children of destiny foundation”, she is the one who picked up kids from the street, took care of them and gave them her love so they called her “mother”.

When we arrived to the place they had big dreams of being independent, to have own home, own garden so they could get own food. But the reality was much more different than dreams. House they rented was falling apart and even that house was not enough money to pay for. Food and clothes was partly bought for money some individuals where sending from abroad and partly from loans.

All of the kidsSo in 6 months we spent time looking for ways to reach their dreams and we are still trying. We were teaching them math and English. We made a couple of websites for them to search for sponsors. And there is not much more you can do than to do than what their parents would do.

If you feel like you have time or resources you would like to share you can do it. Just go to their homepage and you will find ways to help.

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