Svetlana and Kurt

Svetlana and Kurt” Svalafilm

Svetlana and Kurt


Sverige, 2014

60 kr (till 30 Januari) 

Director Valentina Svensson
Cinematography Tamara Sushko

Music Viklund

Norrbotten, Sweden

Documentary 57 min HD




This is a story about the relationship between two loving people with different outlooks on life.

”With love one can experience the charm of a tent” – Russian proverb, but what about in real life?

Svetlana (50), a Russian woman came to Sweden two years ago from a the big city Kamenskuralsk, located in the Uralmountains.

She had met Kurt , a Swedish man via the net. Kurt (50) lives in a small village in the north of Sweden.

Svetlana is a Russian businesswoman. She is educated, energetic, ambitious and a very strong woman.

Kurt is a typical Swedish man from the north. Quiet and calm on the verge of recluse.He lives alone in a quiet environment,

unemployed and collects motorcycles. This film is about their love and their struggle to maintain their life together in spite

of huge differences in education, views of life, values and culture. They really love each other, but have big conflicts from time to time.

She can not thrive in his quiet relaxed environment. He does not understand her ambitions and determination to build a career. Svetlana convinces him to start a business.

It goes well and eventually becomes successful. We follow them as they buy a caravan and go on holiday.

I follow them in their own individual lives talking to each other on Skype, planting tomatoes, cooking food and learing swedish through children books. more