Welcome to Autlandia



Director/Producers – Tamara Souchko

Production Company – Svenska institutet, Webbon HB

Genres: Documentary Date of production:November 2021

Country of production: Sweden, Aspect ratio: 16:9 Running time: 25 mins

Original language: Russian/Swedish Subtiles: English, Russian

Original shooting format: HD, Color

Screening format: Quicktime, MP4

Soundmix, color correction:  Marsel Lebedev.

The film ”Welcome to Autlandia” tells the story of Lars and Natalia’s family, who face the challenges and joys of raising a special child. Their son, Dima, is autistic, and the family is on the threshold of a new stage in his life: adulthood. The doctor’s words, ”It’s a disaster,” become a starting point for the parents to share their experience, embrace the challenges, and find joy in every day spent with Dima. Created with the support of the Swedish Institute, the film not only acquaints viewers with the reality of living with autism but also inspires a search for strength in love and understanding.

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